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It would appear that Dua Associates is well on the way to staking its claim to thought leadership in Arbitration.

Now hot off the press is another prestigious volume on International Arbitration where technology specialists and legal practitioners have come together to explain the latest developments in how digital evidence is collected, interrogated, and deployed in response to legal proceedings. The exhilarating news for us is that Rahul Narayanan, Principal Associate at the Firm, is the exclusive contributor of the India chapter.

Published by Globe Law & Business, this second edition of the publication, is interesting for many reasons – not least being how it decodes or simplifies the use of digital evidence in legal and regulatory contexts and other cutting-edge techniques. And Rahul like the other leading experts, in his chapter provides guidance on the arbitration process in India from a practitioner’s perspective.

For those daunted by the invasion of computer science grounded in statistics into the domain of traditional legal knowledge, this is a highly recommended read, as it includes up-to-date guidance on topical legal issues, new approaches in legal procedure and outcomes.

Priced at £155/- this practical guide to “International Arbitration” is available in both hard back and e-book versions.

Use this link to get your copy now :

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