Intellectual Property Rights

In a fiercely competitive environment, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is a tool which acts as a catalyst in reputation building which despite being an intangible asset, has become the backbone for creating a distinct identity amongst players in the international arena. Dua Associates has a well-honed IPR practice consisting of specialized professionals with significant experience in advising clients in the entire ambit of Intellectual Property laws globally. The IPR practice team operates from all eight offices of the Firm. The services offered by the IPR team include :

Patent : The Firm’s patent attorneys offer a wide array of services including  end-to-end solutions with regard to patent filing and prosecution, conducting novelty and patentability searches, conducting opposition searches, designing, drafting, filing, registration of patent applications, handling portfolios and patent management, patent landscaping, licensing, dispute resolution and litigation in patent related matters.

Trademark : The  value added  trademark  services cover the entire  lifecycle right from brand creation and trademark registration to licensing, due diligence and sale. These include: ▪search on trademark availability ▪ analysis of the trademark proposed to be applied for ▪ advisory on the proposed trademark ▪ drafting of forms, applications and replies to the registry for trademarks▪ filing and prosecuting trademark applications  ▪ renewals and maintenance of registered trademarks ▪ portfolio management for trademarks ▪ registration of assignment of trademarks▪ drafting license agreements, franchisee agreements, assignment deeds and legal notices ▪ appearance at the registry for trademark related disputes and hearings ▪ trademark related dispute resolution and litigation management, advisory and litigation for instances of trademark infringement  etc.

 The above services are also offered under the Madrid Convention.

Copyright : The Firm’s copyright attorneys provide a host of advisory services that include :
▪ conducting searches, drafting reports and opinions on copyrights ▪ drafting, filing and prosecution of copyright applications ▪ assisting in copyright clearance, enforcement and protection ▪ handling licensing and transfers for copyrights ▪ reviewing, drafting and negotiation agreements ▪ risk assessment for copyrights ▪ assisting in copyright monitoring and compliance ▪ management of digital rights, advisory and management with respect to copyright litigation matters etc. ▪ advising media and entertainment companies including print and digital on various copyright contract and litigation.

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