Siddharth Suresh


icon March 08, 2021

Siddharth specializes in various areas of corporate commercial law with special focus on private equity, foreign investment, joint ventures and acquisitions in the fintech, real estate, technology, pharma, construction and power sectors.He has been involved in undertaking due diligence, negotiating and drafting corporate commercial documents including joint venture agreements, shareholder agreements, share subscription and investment agreements, supply contracts, marketing and distribution contracts. In the technology and pharma sector, he has been involved in drafting and negotiating agency agreements, product development agreements and technology and IP licensing agreements. In the construction sector, he has been involved in drafting EPC contracts and concession agreements. In the real estate sector, he has been involved in drafting documents for the funding of real estate projects including loan agreements, debenture trust deed and debenture subscription agreement and security documents. He has also advised domestic and international clients on areas of Corporate Commercial laws and foreign exchange regulations. Siddharth holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Punjabi University.

Awards & Recognition
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