Agnes Altaf Baradia


icon November 23, 2020

Agnes provides advisory services, conducts title due diligence and also renders documentation services in the course of acquisition and/or development of real estate. She has rendered services not only to individual clients and developers but also corporates like logistic companies, chain retail stores etc. which acquire real estate for their expansion.

As part of Trademark and Copyrights practice, Agnes does advisory work with regard to protection of rights and due diligence of liability of the client including documentation for registration assignment and licensing of work generally to various industries including media and entertainment, handling trademark portfolios. Further, for general contracts, she advises clients on structuring transactions, mergers and acquisitions and general commercial contracts. She has significant experience in commercial documentation and drafting transactional and other agreements and has also rendered services in matters related to personal law like drafting of Wills, Family Arrangement, obtaining of Probate etc

Awards & Recognition
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